Focus Areas


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GPNI aims towards building a strong industry network ensuring better implementation of GPP amongst Indian businesses at various levels of the supply chain by offering the following services:

  • Organizing  awareness seminars, workshops, exhibitions, etc.
  • Technical information dissemination (such as toolkit, newsletters, website)
  • Training programmes for capacity building of employees on GPP practices
  • Networking through discussion groups and forums
  • GPP Advisory – A team of experts to guide on how to integrate GPP practices into core operations and decision making of an organization
  • Encouraging Indian businesses and providing necessary support on greening of supply chains
  • Partnering with academic institutions for designing and conducting industry oriented courses on Green Purchasing and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)

The GPNI acts as a networking platform for industries, government organizations, non- government organizations, academic institutions and individuals actively interested in Green Purchasing and Procurement. To know more about our organizational structure and partners, click here.