Consultation Workshop on “Consumer Perceptions of Green Products in India”

Over the years, GPNI has been working on the various elements required to promote green procurement particularly in India.

GPNI recently undertook research project aimed at understanding the consumer perceptions of Green Products in India and proposing the tools and mechanisms that could be used to assess and communicate green products to the Indian consumer. This is expected to bring in clarity in the understanding of a Green Product, which unfortunately, at present, is a misunderstood term.

The present level of understanding on green products has been assessed through various mechanism like surveys and consultation meetings with consumers, manufacturers, retailers and certifiers of green products. Observations, experiences and opinions have been recorded and analyzed. A number of interesting outcomes have been uncovered which were shared at the workshop. These also forms the basis for a series of recommendations.

GPNI organized a Consultation Workshop to present our findings on March 21, 2014.

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