Anvaya 3.0 : Short film contest on Green Products Green Living

Anvaya (meaning positive action in Sanskrit) is a short film competition initiated by Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (Ekonnect).The program was launched with an aim to bring to the fore, positive and innovative solutions to critical environmental issues.

Anvaya 1.0 covered the theme of Waste to Resource and Anvaya 2.0 was on the theme of No Water No Life. For Anvaya 3.0 we will be focusing on the theme of Green Products Green Living.

Objectives of Anvaya

  1. Awareness raising & encouraging citizen involvement in issues of environment
  2. Sensitizing citizens and promoting action through a creative medium such as short videos/films
  3. Dissemination of films created through citizen groups, professionals and municipal corporations to showcase innovative solutions on various environmental issues in their locality
  4. Creating a platform for like-minded citizens to network and action for a better environment

About the Theme

Global consumption patterns and trends are putting unsustainable and increasing stress on:

  1. The Earth’s ecosystems
  2. Sensitizing citizens and promoting action through a creative medium such as short videos/films
  3. Human social systems and well-being

To reverse the current unsustainable trends, all stakeholders specifically consumers, need to be informed and convinced that their corrective actions would make a positive difference. People need to be educated about alternative lifestyle choices and changes they can make with regard to their purchase and consumption habits. It would help to provide them knowledge about environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and services; ‘greener’ alternatives that will help lower their overall carbon footprint.

Through Anvaya 3.0, Green Products Green Living, we hope to spread awareness about Sustainable Production & Consumption and trigger behavioral change among people, helping them adopt low carbon lifestyles to help improve the current situation and prevent impending environmental disasters.

Anvaya 3.0 will be launched on World Environment Day (WED) 5th June 2016. We are calling out to individuals and organizations inviting and encouraging them to showcase both ‘green products’ (manufacturers) & ‘green living’ (users of green products).

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