About GPNI

Green Purchasing Network India (GPNI) is an evolving network of professionals interested and active in the general area of Sustainable Consumption and Production – specifically: Green Purchasing and Public Procurement.

The Objectives of the GPNI are:

  1. To create awareness amongst Indian industry and related stakeholders about Green Purchasing and Procurement (GPP)
  2. To create awareness amongst Government and related stakeholders about Green Purchasing and Procurement (GPP)
  3. To encourage and facilitate implementation of GPP and Greening Supply Chains (GSC) projects to enhance the competitiveness of the Indian Businesses


Structure of GPNI

The administrative issues of GPNI are currently handled by Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (Ekonnect), a not-for-profit section 25 company founded by Environmental Management Centre LLP. The Secretariat of GPNI is also hosted at Ekonnect.

Japan-based International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) strongly supports GPNI.

IGPN is playing the mentor role for GPNI and is bringing with it a vast pool of international expertise to India in the areas of Green Purchasing and Public Procurement.

Our Partner

IGPN logoInternational Green Purchasing Network 

The International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) is an organization which promotes Green Purchasing around the globe by coordinating those who take the initiative in implementing Green Purchasing toward sustainable consumption and production. The network consists of international organizations, businesses, governmental organizations, local authorities and NGOs. IGPN is expanding its global network and is keen to establish activities in India. Click here to know about other Green Purchasing Networks (GPNs) around the world.

Support GPNI!

Like any budding organization, GPNI seeks helping hands and support. GPNI invites individuals and organizations to contribute their ideas and proposals to help spread awareness on Sustainable Production and Consumption.

Your time, experience/expertise and in-kind support to organize events will be most appreciated!

If you are interested extending support to the GPNI activities, please write to the Network Manager, GPNI.