Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation

Ekonnect is a not for profit, section 25 company offering education and training in the field of environmental management & sustainability.

Ekonnect offers the following in the field of Environment and Sustainability Training and Education

Awareness: Seminars, round-tables, clinics, workshops, ‘yatras’ or field excursions and exhibitions.

Blended Learning: Unique in design and pedagogy. Blend classrooms and e-learning platform that envelopes the course on 24×7 basis. Field visits or eko-yatras are included that provide practice. Conducted in partnership with academic institutions.

Research and Knowledge Products: Carry out and support research to produce research capsules, monographs, fact sheets, training and guidance manuals, databases and directories in print, web-based and mobile device formats.

Building Institutional Capacities: For academic and research institutions, developing course design and conducting training of trainers, catalyzing research partnerships and providing assistance in research administration.

Promoting Entrepreneurship: Providing technical assistance and guidance on business models and facilitating investments.

Ekoawards: Recognizing and supporting talent of students pursuing higher careers in environmental management. These awards are bestowed on a competitive basis with evaluation done by a panel of eminent experts.

Ekointernships: Customized and managed professionally to help students get quality internships and to the business and governmental organizations – quality employees. Ekonnect acts here as a ‘bridge’ and a mentor.

Ekohub: Community based ‘neighbourhood’ projects with multistakeholder participation on practicing sustainability. These projects serve as showcase for replication and for scaling up towards a wider impact.

Knowledge Networks: Green Purchasing Network of India(GPNI) – a network of diverse stakeholders representing product designers, manufacturers, retailers and advertisers, consumers and waste recyclers. EtKon(EIA Training & Knowledge Network) dedicated to promote EIA capacity building by offering training and knowledge products on a networked basis. Ekonnect operates GPNI and EtKON.

For more information, visit www.ekonnect.net