Green Supply Chains


In order to produce environment friendly products, manufacturers need to work with their suppliers of raw materials and components. Using their purchasing power, the industries can set up environmental criteria for their suppliers upstream in their supply chain. In addition to setting up the requirements, the big buyers can also provide assistance to the SME suppliers in meeting these requirements. The supplies and eventually the end product thus become environment-friendly. As this phenomenon percolates along the supply chain, ultimately it can result in the “greening” of the entire supply chain.

What We Do?

We at the GPNI promote the concept of green supply chains in the Indian Industry and are committed to provide support on the implementation front, by facilitating the following services:

  • Developing Supplier Code of Conduct for manufacturers to ensure optimum environmental and social performance of their suppliers
  • Developing a vendor selection process which takes into consideration the environmental and social impacts from their activities
  • Developing  a monitoring methodology to ensure supplier compliance
  • Capacity building of existing suppliers and training to newly contracted suppliers