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green products bannerConsumer Perception Survey on Green Products in Urban Indian Cities

In order to understand the perception of urban consumer on green products, a market based study was undertaken by the GPNI. The key objective of this study is to conduct a perception survey to understand what is greenness to an Indian consumer? Read more…


Carbon Footprinting Approach for Indian Products

India needs to take measures to promote production and consumption of low carbon goods and services to demonstrate its commitment to combat climate change. An innovative approach to Product Carbon Footprinting (PCF) is therefore necessary.

In response to above, was undertaken with the support of International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) and Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE). Read more…


Development of Framework towards Standardized Assessment Criteria for Eco Products and Services

Recent estimates suggest that there are over 431 existing ecolabels in 246 countries and 25 industry sectors (www.ecolabelindex.com) marking consumer products in nearly every product category, and the number is growing rapidly. Each eco-label is based on certain criteria that encompass environmental, social and ethical attributes. Read more…


Carbon-Oriented Ecomark Scheme for India

 India launched its own ecolabeling scheme in 1991 known as the ‘Ecomark’. However due to promotional and operational hindrances, it has not been entirely successful. However, if it is restructured and revived towards a carbon orientation, then the Ecomark can play an important role towards reducing national Green House Gases (GHG) emissions over the medium-term. Read more…

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